Welcome to BizCelerator

Welcome to BizCelerator, the place where kids start fantastic businesses, with their parents!

BizCelerator helps kids and parents work together to learn about business and start a business of their own for fun, profit, or charity.

You can do a lot of fun things on BizCelerator.

Earn Gems

You can earn “Gems” that can be traded for other things on BizCelerator. For example, when you join BizCelerator you get Gems, and you get more Gems each time you sign in.

Get Badges

When you complete a group of tasks, you can earn a Badge for your achievement. For example, when you add pictures to your Profile, you earn the Profile Badge.

Learn About Business

BizCelerator has lots of tips for how to start a business. The articles on BizCelerator can help you understand how to get started in a business.

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