What You Can Do In BizCelerator

Kids and parents work together to invent a business idea and turn it into a real enterprise.

Build a Business

Kids! If you have always wanted to have your own business, BizCelerator can help you get started. There are steps to starting a business, and they are not hard to learn.

Parents! You don’t need to be a business whiz to guide your kid toward business success. You might even learn a bit about running a business, yourself.

Learn to Earn

Here, you can learn about how to earn money by creating and running a business. Read all about the process of turning a business idea into a real business that earns money.

A business is more than just making a product. Starting a business teaches you about how to sell a product, and manage the money you bring in.

Try New Stuff

The best way to learn something new is to try things you have not tried before. Starting a business might be an unfamiliar path at first, but soon you will find other parents and kids just like you who can show you the way.

Lots to do after you join:

When parents and kids join BizCelerator, there’s lots to do:

  • Create a family profile, your home base in BizCelerator. You can decorate your profile with a background image, add a logo or picture, and describe your business. Other members get to know you by your profile, and by your activities.
  • Participate and get rewards:
    • Families can earn “gems” each time you log in, join communities, and do other activities. You can use gems to unlock fun parts of BizCelerator.
    • Families earn “Achievements” each time you complete a set of steps, such as decorating your family profile.
  • “Crowdfund” your business! Parents and kids who start a business usually need to buy things, such as the materials you will use to make your product. Crowdfunding is a way to raise money (build a fund) from a large number of people (your “crowd”). Your friends, family, and neighbors come together to help your dream come true!
  • Join a Group! When you join a group, you can get together (online) with other parents and kids to talk about your business and share tips in the group forum. A forum is a place where you write comments and questions, and other group members can answer you. You can even start your own group and get others to join you.

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