6 Tips to Start a Kid & Parent Family Business

There’s plenty to do besides watching TV and playing video games, and a family business is a fun way to encourage creativity and confidence for kids and parents, alike. Starting a family business isn’t all about profit. Sometimes it’s just about the fun of doing challenging things together. For kids, learning skills like managing money, … Read more


NanoMan! Proof positive that you should study science and math in school! Sheldon, a typical middle schooler, has the ability to shrink himself down to a billionth of an inch. As his alter-ego, “NanoMan,” he can change the course of mighty electrons inside a computer chip – but what he can’t do is cure himself … Read more

The Odd Ms. Bodkins and the Big Crunch!

Featured Book! If you’re fond of oddly odd nannies, if you favor even odder older nannies, or even if your nanny was your granny…you’ll fall for the most uncanny nanny of them all, when the Odd Ms. Bodkins embarks on the biggest, crunchiest adventure in the cosmos: The Odd Ms. Bodkins and the Big Crunch! … Read more

Welcome to BizCelerator

Welcome to BizCelerator, the place where kids start fantastic businesses, with their parents! BizCelerator helps kids and parents work together to learn about business and start a business of their own for fun, profit, or charity. You can do a lot of fun things on BizCelerator. Earn Gems You can earn “Gems” that can be … Read more

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