About BizCelerator™

wacky machine for a lemonade standKids!  Start your own fantastic business today! BizCelerator is the super-secret clubhouse where you and your parents can learn about the world of business – together.

Parents!  You’re involved every step of the way to ensure your kids get the most out of their enterprise-making experience. You don’t need business experience to start – you can even learn more about the business world right alongside your kids.

Whether your kid-and-parent enterprise is a class project, your very own kid-invention, or even for charity, the collaboration tools you’ll find here will put the People, Places, Things, and Ideas you’ll need to build your business within easy reach.

How it works:

You, as a parent (or grandparent, or legal guardian), sign up for BizCelerator along with your kid. BizCelerator is a safe place for boys and girls.  It’s your own private, Family-Only universe.

Starting a little business is a great way to teach kids about money and the rewards of their efforts. BizCelerator makes it easy to help a kid learn about planning, selling, managing time, and handling money – all important parts of running a real business.

Parent and child sign up together to learn how to build a kid-size enterprise. You can use those earnings to fund a 529 College Savings Plan, build a weekly allowance, or donate to a chosen charity.

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