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Turn your ideas into your very own dream business that helps you learn all about making a difference in the world.

The only website where kids and parents work together to start businesses for fun and profit.

Support your school – help out a charity – or boost your allowance!

What they’re saying:

“Half the people who ask me about starting a business, are kids.”
– Robert Herjavec, Panel Investor “SHARK TANK”

Kids learn business basics
Explore potential careers
Families build a business together


NanoMan! Proof positive that you should study science and math in school! Sheldon, a typical middle schooler, has the ability to shrink himself down to a billionth of an inch….

Welcome to BizCelerator

Welcome to BizCelerator, the place where kids start fantastic businesses, with their parents! BizCelerator helps kids and parents work together to learn about business and start a business of their…

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